Everything you need to know about Hair Texture

People usually think that “hair texture” is simply how their hair feels. It is simple,right? The truth is that it was wrong. Below I will show you what is hair texture and how many kinds of hair texture in the market. 

What is Hair Texture?

Hair texture describes the circumference of your hair. There are so many different hair texture,we call hair types as well,like straight hair texture,body wavve hair texture,deep wave hair texture,loose body wave hair texture,curly hair texture,Italian Curly hair texture,kinky curly hair texture,kinky straight hair texture etc!

Different hair texture could do different styles! And it will show a different look,it will make you more different and more beauty!

So, What are the Different Hair Texture Types?

Your hair type simply means whether you have straight,wavy or curly hair. But, understanding the different hair texture isn’t quite that easy because there are several subcategories within the different types of hair.Below I will show you with the pictures to check every hair textures!

type 1:Straight Hair

favhair straight hair

type 2:Body Wave hair

favhair body wave hair

type 3:Deep Wave Hair

favhair deep wave hair

type 4:Italian Curly Hair

favhair italian curly hair

type 5:Curly Hair

favhair curly hair

type 6:Loose Deep Wave Hair

favhair loose deep wave

type 7:Loose Wave Hair

favhair loose wave hair

type 8:Kinky Curly Hair

favhair kinky curly hair

type 9:Kinky Straight Hair

favhair kinky straight

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