How to choose a wig?

Style has always been the primary concern for women of all ages. Standing apart from the crowd is a need for everyone. Perfect makeup, ideal dress, and proper hairstyle make a woman look perfect. Anyone can get a good makeup and a proper dress from any outlet. However, problem arises during hair styling, especially for people who have less hair volume. This is exactly where, wig create a difference.

Wigs accentuate the overall look of a woman. Acquiring a different look becomes very easy with proper wig styling. To cover less volume of hair, nothing works better than the wigs. Getting an ideal look is possible with these stylish hair accessories, but the primary concern is the adaptability. Until or unless the wig shape and style matches the shape of the face; getting that desired look is almost impossible. In this article, you will surely understand what type of wig is perfect for your face.

  • Oval Face

Women with oval face look very pretty but with a proper hairstyle they can become even prettier. This type of face characterizes proportional cheekbones, chin, jaw line and forehead. As every part of the face is proportional, any wig style goes with it and reveals the best features. Women with such facial structures should go for straight lace wigs to get that desired look.

  • Square Face

Square face typifies broad cheekbones and forehead with a wide chin. Ladies with a square face have square hairline as well as a square jaw line. As the angles are quite prominent, a mid-length wig works as a good option. These wigs enhance the face height by adding narrowness. Curly mid-length is also a preferable option and this will surely help in getting a stunning look.

  • Round Face

Women with this face shape have relatively circular contours with rounded cheeks. To be more specific, the cheekbones are the widest part of this face type. Wide cheekbones make the face look bulky. Short layered wigs go perfectly with this shape.

  • Oblong Face

The oblong type is a little different from other face types. This type of face gets narrower from the forehead till the jaw line. Women with thin and long neck have this type of face. Wigs with volume at sides and width are the best choice for women with this face shape. Wavy and soft curls decrease the length and help in getting a stylish appearance. Wavy Lace wigs with baby hair can also be a good choice for women with oblong shaped faces.

Determining the face shape is important before choosing a wig. This can help you to get an attractive look for any occasion. Apart from this, wigs are also available in different colors. You can choose your desired wig color and get ready to rule the party.

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